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Establish the college as center of excellence for education and research

To produce highly competent health professionals to serve the nation by providing quality services to the society

Why Us?

  • Centrally located spacious premises
  • Computer lab
  • Dedicated founders
  • Educational tours and field visits as demanded by course
  • Internet facilities
  • Library
  • Peaceful environment
  • Qualified, experienced and committed faculty members
  • Research
  • Recreation facilities

Welcome To Little Buddha College

LITTLE BUDDHA COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCE is established under the affiliation of Purbanchal University with the aim of producing competent health professionals in various ares of health science including pharmacy and public.

The college is committed to develop as well recognized model institution of international standard in term of center of excellence in the educational innovation arena. As its first step, presently the college is responsible for developing the quality of human resources in health through innovative efforts on education in the field of Public Health and Pharmacy.

The course is designed to prepare competent public health experts/managers in the field of health care management providing wide range knowledge and skills in public health issues through organized, interdisciplinary efforts in terms of physical, mental socio behavioral and environment concerns, health promotion and diseases prevention, planning, implementing and evaluating health programs.

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